Our 'green gold'


It is time to refresh your memory, so we have written this short article for you to remind you of one of our products, which are Chmelinky.

These are pralinkys hop contents. It is important that hops contained in Chmelinky are not treated by pasteurization and drying, after harvest hops are treated only with high pressure, so called pastelization, hop preserves the properties of freshness and retains more active ingredients.

Why is hops so healthy? Research has found that hops have healing effects on the stomach. The substances contained in hops prevent the proliferation of ulcer disease and inflammation of the stomach, most commonly Helicobacter pylori. Elimination of this bacterium is extremely important, the consequences of its presence can be very dangerous for humans.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, hops can also resolve sleep disorders, promote appetite and overall cleanse the body.

For this reason, in cooperation with VUPP we created our Hops, hops of our bitter chocolate with hop filling from traditional Czech hops!