Ice-cream coatings

We are a producer and direct supplier of premium chocolate products for confectioners, bakers and the gastro industry. Our Ice-cream coatings are the result of careful selection of ingredients and precise processing to achieve perfect results.


Ice-cream coatings for manufacturers of ice-cream are supplied to our customers in a liquid form in tanks or in 15 kg packs in boxes in the form of blocks. Ice-cream coatings are characterized by their gloss, brittleness and lower melting point. We are able to prepare recipes to suit customer requirements in terms of taste, color and properties with a view to the customer’s technological equipment and the type of their final product. We currently have over 50 different recipes, which were created by our development department on the basis of long-term experience and which have been tried and tested in laboratories and under operational conditions. * made-to-order in min. three tonne batches
Basic types
Registration number Customs classification Name Type of packaging Pcs / kg on pallet Durability
V0010 Z7* 17049099 Milk coating white - block carton - 15 kg 48 / 720 12
V0040 V0045 Z7 18062095 Cocoa coating dark - bulk or block tankcar / carton - 15 kg 48 / 720 12
V0054 V0055 Z8 18062095 Cocoa coating milk - bulk or block tankcar / carton - 15 kg 48 / 720 12
V0061 Z9* 18062095 Cornetto spray coating bucket - 10 kg 66 / 660 12

Logistic and supply

With our own fleet, we can offer our customers intergrated logistics service to guarantee reliable delivery to you.

Tailor-made recipes

If you need a specific composition or flavour of Ice-cream coatings or toppings for your products, we can create tailor-made recipes that meet all the criteria.

Technology servis

Our employees are long-time professionals in their field, so we can offer not only high-quality products, but also know-how and support in solving manufacturing problems.

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