Did you know, that ... -  Carla

Did you know, that ...

Chocolate has a beneficial effect on the human body, not only for its delicious taste profile, but also for its calming effects. F...

Our 'green gold' -  Carla

Our 'green gold'

It is time to refresh your memory, so we have written this short article for you to remind you of one of our products, which are C...

The effects of chocolate on the human organism -  Carla

The effects of chocolate on the human organism

Chocolate, especially the cocoa contained in it, has known and less known effects on the body. It has to be such a chocolate that...

Diana – retro reminiscence -  Carla

Diana – retro reminiscence

Diana products have been popular since the First Republic.

The Colombian deal -  Carla

The Colombian deal

We improved our theoretical knowledge at Chocolate University and we also personally planted cocoa trees. Even here in the Czech R...

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