05. 09. 2017

Diana – retro reminiscence

Diana products have been popular since the First Republic.

The Carla Dvůr Králové nad Labem company was built on a green meadow in 1992. In 25 years, the modern factory established itself in the Czech and foreign markets, supplying a wide range of quality chocolate products for both the end consumer and its partners who use chocolate as raw materials, such as confectioners, bakeries, ice cream makers and chocolate manufactories.

The company decided to renew the well-known Diana brand, which was popular especially during the period of socialism. But the history of the brand goes far in the past. Dresden's Hartwig and Vogel founded a subsidiary in Děčín - Podmoklech in 1893 to provide the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy without any problems. For the German market, the company used the Tell brand, the Diana brand for the Děčín factory.

Products with the Diana brand have been popular since the First Republic, and in the 1930s the company became a purely Czechoslovak joint-stock company. At that time, the construction of a new modern factory began, but it was not completed due to the beginning of the war. The most famous product was the Chocolate Table No. 6 in a classic blue package depicting the goddess of Diana's hunting. The company employed 800 people before the war and was one of the largest chocolate producers in the former Czechoslovakia.

The factory was not damaged during the war, only limited traffic. After the war, a national administration was established and subsequently nationalized. Production began in 1946 and the company even exported its products to Western Europe.

During socialism, the company first took over the assortment of the well-known Lidka Kutná Hora company in the late 1950s, and in the 1960s extensive modernization took place, the plant became the fourth largest factory in the then Chocolate Houses. The products were the most famous Diana brand desserts, the gold and blue seals, and stuffed sticks and tables. Among the best chocolate products in our country were square chocolates with Lidka brand and dessert cabinet Lidka, which were made in Diana.

After 1990, when the owners of all chocolate factories became foreign investors, the plant was closed as impersonal, and Diana products could be purchased around 1997.

Carla offers its customers the first product with Diana brand - 70% bitter chocolate and 100g chocolate milk, customers can look forward to other traditional products with this brand.

Source: New Retail magazine 9/2017

Ing. Stanislav Krámský

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