Chocolate sushi



150 g plain flour
3 eggs
300 ml milk
1 tablespoon meal
1 tablespoon melted butter into the dough
1 tablespoon Carla cocoa
pinch of salt
frying fat


cottage cheese
vanilla BIO sugar (as needed)
Carla cream
fruit to taste


This recipe is very simple and will surely be appreciated by your children. First, we prepare the dough for pancakes, but also add cocoa, so that the pancakes are pleasantly cocoa. Beat the eggs with milk and gradually work in the flour and cocoa. Add a pinch of salt and melted butter to the dough, mix, the dough should be just liquid so that it can be easily poured over the pan. Fry the pancakes in a non-stick pan.

Then we spread the pancakes with Carla cream and the filling, which we prepared by whipping cottage cheese and mascarpone with sugar, add fruit and make sushi rolls, which we cut into individual pieces of sushi. We can eat with chopsticks for more fun.

  • 30 minutes - Carla 30 minutes
  • Easy - Carla Easy

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