Charlotta with chocolate and cocoa powder


2 packs pastry biscuits
250 ml whipping cream
250 g fresh Philadelphia cream cheese
200 g sour cream
2 packs gelatin stiffener (cold)
80 g Carla milk chocolate
sugar as needed (or honey or other sweetener)
vanilla BIO sugar
Carla cocoa for decoration
bows for decoration


We will round the biscuits around the round form, they will hold better if we cut the rounded end on one side. We also line the bottom of the mold from the sliced ​​pieces of biscuits.

Melt the chocolate on a water bath. Then whip the cream and add fresh cheese, sour cream, sugar as needed, vanilla sugar and melted chocolate. According to the instructions on the gelatin bags, dissolve it and add it to the creamy chocolate mixture. We mix everything thoroughly (we can also use a hand-held robot). Pour the mixture into the prepared form with biscuit cakes and let it solidify in the refrigerator for at least a few hours. Garnish with a ribbon around the sponge cake, fruit or dust with cocoa.

  • 30 minutes - Carla 30 minutes
  • Easy - Carla Easy

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