Chocolate risotto


100 g rice
80 g Carla 70% dark chocolate
30 g sugar
0,5 l milk
2 spoons butter
2 spoons Carla cocoa powder
fruits and nuts for decoration


Let the butter melt in the pot and fry the rice on it. Add part of the milk and bring to a slow boil. Gradually add the milk until the rice is completely soaked and softened, we do not let the last batch of milk boil completely so that the risotto remains creamy. Stir the chocolate broken into pieces, sugar, cocoa into the hot rice, let it all melt and mix together. The finished risotto is served hot and decorated with your favorite fruit, but on summer days it is great chilled from the fridge.

  • 30 minutes - Carla 30 minutes
  • Easy - Carla Easy

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