Extra Chocolate Cheesecake



200 g chocolate cookies
90 g butter


500 g curd
200 ml whipping cream
1 organic vanilla sugar
320 g 70% Carla chocolate
Carla cocoa powder
fruits for decoration


Crush biscuits in a blender, if we do not have a blender, it is possible to crush them in a bag with a roller. Melt the butter, pour into crushed biscuits and mix. Squeeze the resulting mixture into the prepared mold with baking paper or aluminum foil.
In the meantime, melt the chocolate on the water bath. Let it stand for a while after dissolving and stirring frequently so that the chocolate does not solidify quickly. In a bowl, mix the curd with whipping cream and sugar, then add the slightly cooled melted chocolate and mix well. Put the whole mixture on the prepared corpus and smooth it. Leave to cool for a while and then set in the fridge, preferably overnight. After cooling the cheesecake, decorate it, dust it with cocoa and give fruit.
TIP: This cheesecake was prepared into a mold with a diameter of 21 cm, if we had a larger mold, the cheesecake would be lower, or we would add more curd and chocolate to the mixture to set the cheesecake mixture. If the cheesecake hardens and we feel like it could not be cut, we can put it in the freezer for an hour.

  • 1,5 hours - Carla 1,5 hours
  • Medium - Carla Medium

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