Panceka cake



500 ml milk
300 g flour
4-5 eggs
1 vanilla sugar


250 g mascarpone
150 g yoghurt
2 vanilla sugar
fruit for decoration

Carla Cream



First we make a pancake dough. Mix the eggs, vanilla sugar, milk and a pinch of salt, slowly stir in the mixture. For healthier versions, we chose wholemeal flour. When the dough has the correct consistency, we start to fry pancakes. We'll need 15-20 pancakes on the cake. If the dough is not sufficient, we will straighten. It depends on the size of the pan and the thickness of the pancakes. When we are fried, we smear the pancakes with the help of Carla Cream and we lay on ourselves.


At the end we decorate the cream that we made by mixing mascarpone, white yoghurt and vanilla sugar. Add fruit to decorate.

Tip: Best tasty fresh!

  • 45 minutes - Carla 45 minutes
  • Easy - Carla Easy

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